The White River Valley Herald

Women Leading Vt. Rotary Clubs

Thirty-five years ago the Supreme Court ruled that Rotary must admit women to their clubs. In July 2022, the remaining glass ceiling was finally shattered when Jennifer Jones became the first-ever woman president of Rotary International—an organization of 46,000 clubs worldwide.

Vermont and Randolph have taken it one step further with two other ladies assuming important leadership roles.

Caroline Earle, an attorney from the Rotary club of Barre, is the Governor of District 7850 comprising 40 Rotary clubs in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Quebec. In Randolph, Karen Butler, a marriage and family therapist, has become the president of the Randolph Sunrise Rotary Club.

Randolph has two Rotary clubs. We serve to make life better for people in Randolph and other communities worldwide.

Sonny Holt