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Klar Running For O.C. Senate Seat

My name is John Klar and I’m running to win the Senate seat in Orange County. A vote from you will bring balance back to a very one-sided, misguided legislature.

It’s no secret that the smear campaigns have started around the state, and as anticipated, I’m not immune to them. These concerted campaigns distort my clear record on many issues that themselves have nothing to do with what I propose to accomplish. Read further for those positive proposals.

I have publicly stated for years that “I personally oppose abortion from conception but do not believe politicians should ignore the views of the majority of their constituents.” At the Vermont Republican State Committee Meeting this spring, I stood up strongly against a resolution that would mandate that all GOP candidates must oppose abortion from conception. Meanwhile, recent polls show 90% of Americans oppose late-term abortions. I am in the middle, not either extreme.

I oppose experimental hormone-blocking drugs being offered to prepubescent trans-children as “therapy,” and for that I am portrayed as anti-trans. On the contrary, this issue has nothing to do with transgenderism, but with drug safety.

These drugs carry numerous risks, including brain swelling, vision loss, heart disease, diabetes, liver damage, and cancer. They are “off-label” drugs not approved by the FDA for transitioning individuals, let alone children. Vermont Progressives seek to make these available to children without any age limit and without parental consent (see House Bill 659). I am not extreme for opposing this push of drugs by the same pharmaceutical industry who peddled oxycontin as non-addictive: the extremists are those who do.

My policy priorities are designed to bring moderate Vermonters together to advance shared objectives focused on rebuilding small farming using regenerative practices; tackling the pensions crisis; eliminating electric rate surcharges that annually sap tens of millions of dollars from ratepayers; eliminating OneCare Vermont and improving mental-health services, to bolster hospitals while reducing health-care costs; opposing new taxes on heating oil and other fuels; and preventing government from growing in spending faster than Vermont’s economy.

I am an attorney, farmer, and writer bringing these skills to work for all Vermonters. We will never all agree on all issues. Vermont has experienced a lopsided domination by one political ideology for decades, and we can’t afford that anymore. I advocate for fiscally conservative, agriculturally conservationist proposals that avoid both political extremes, in a genuine determination to forge a moderate path forward.

Vermont cannot afford more extremism, especially by a Progressive experimentation that is destroying the underlying economy while swelling government to economically unsustainable levels. Food and fuel inflation are very real threats, and I have proposals to combat both.

I invite Vermont voters to look at my website at, and learn for themselves what I propose to do.

Former Gov. Jim Douglas endorses me strongly because he has seen my record on these issues. I look forward to proving I will do what I say I will do.

John Klar