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Free Vermont Radio returns
to the Tunbridge World’s Fair
from 9/14 - 9/17 presenting an
eclectic mix of live DJ’s during
the day (10AM - 5PM) and live
performances every evening from
5 - 9PM. The station also hopes to
broadcast the evening concerts
live on the airwaves/livsstream
WFVR.ORG …. 96.5FM/
The evening line-up is as follows:
• Thursday: 5-7PM ... The Pillsbury Slow Boys, 7-9PM TBA
• Friday: 5-7PM … Still Hill, 7-9PM … Jim Rooney’s
Northern Irregulars featuring Turnip Truck
• Saturday: 5-7PM … Jennings & McComber, 7-9PM ... The
Dead Collective
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