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Rochester Should Vote ‘Yes’ Again

Opinion / Jun. 15, 2017 /

I write this on Tuesday morning, as the reconsideration vote polls at South Royalton School have been open for some four hours now. Read More

School Merger: Huge Opportunity

Opinion / Jun. 15, 2017 /

Thanks to the bold work of a small group of savvy citizens in Royalton, and the subsequent “Yes” vote on Tuesday, the original plan is now back on the table. Read More

Model One Is Best Bet for Kids

Opinion / Jun. 15, 2017 /

Years ago, my son was born three months premature. Every few weeks the resident overseeing his care would change. Dr. Read More

Gov. Should Stay Course on MJ Veto

Opinion / Jun. 15, 2017 /

Governor Scott thankfully vetoed S.22, a bill legalizing marijuana that establishes a commission to study the introduction of another bill for the next session of the legislature to guide them to a full commercialization law enabling stores to sell p Read More

He Had To Admit: Daughter Right

Opinion / Jun. 15, 2017 /

As a life-long resident of South Royalton, I have seen many controversies come and go, but it is safe to say that the school consolidation issue has been more divisive and intense than perhaps any other local vote I can remember.  Read More

Applauds ‘Yes’ Vote In So. Royalton

Opinion / Jun. 15, 2017 /

When one of my middle-school-aged sons heard the news that Royalton had defeated consolidation on April 11, he buried his face in his hands and cried. Read More

Vermont Will Step Up To Protect Environment

Opinion / Jun. 15, 2017 / By Julie Moore

President Trump’s call to abandon the Paris Climate Agreement, slash federal funding for clean air and water, and reduce protections for threatened and endangered species have made national headlines, and created grim reading for those who care Read More

Federal Cuts to Budget Would Wound Vt. Food Assistance

Opinion / Jun. 15, 2017 / By John Sayles

The fiscal year 2018 federal budget proposed by the Trump administration would be devastating for the 48 million Americans who face hunger. Read More

Model 1 Keeps Kids in Rochester

Opinion / Jun. 15, 2017 /

Choice. I think I’ve heard that word 1,000 times in the last two months. Rochester has a very important choice coming up in this Tuesday’s vote on Model 1. Read More

Worried About Honey Bees

Opinion / Jun. 15, 2017 /

It was good for the soul reading about the Merriam family restoring the honey bee population in this area. Read More

Beauty Should Win Exit 4 Debate

Opinion / Jun. 15, 2017 /

A gentle debate has been taking place about the purchase of the unprotected 22 acres at Exit 4. It concerns the effect on the town’s tax base if that land is developed.  Read More