‘Scale: Models to Monuments’ Offers Perspectives On Public Art


Arts / Jun. 15, 2017 8:42am EDT

This finished water lily flower, carved in Barre by Steven Robin, is now in St Petersburg, Fla. (Provided / Steven Robin) This finished water lily flower, carved in Barre by Steven Robin, is now in St Petersburg, Fla. (Provided / Steven Robin) Public art is part of our landscape and history, but few consider the artistic processes involved in their creation. Chandler Gallery on Main Street in Randolph is planning “SCALE: Models to Monuments” an exhibit of sculpture and photography that gives the viewer perspectives on Public Art from June 24-September 2.

The show will consist of scale models or maquettes of pieces that have been made into public art by contemporary artists from Vermont and beyond. The models will be paired with large-scale photographs of the installed public art piece.

This exhibit and concept was curated by Randolph sculptor Jim Sardonis and the sculptors involved are a select group of his colleagues who create public art. Many artists connected with the Granite Industry and Sculpture Studios in Central

Vermont will be included in this show.

Visitors will recognize many of the public sculpture maquettes shown, including “Reverence” (better known as the “Whales’ Tails”) created by Sardonis. Also on display will be work by Williston sculptor, Richard Erdman, who has the distinction of having created the largest sculpture carved from a single block of marble and has pieces commissioned worldwide. Local sculptor Karen Peterson, who also has a worldwide following, created the abstract bronze located outside Chandler Gallery and will also contribute work to the exhibit. Frank Gaylord, who created the Korean War Memorial on the Mall in Washington D.C., will exhibit one of the maquettes from which he created this famous large scale piece.

The 20 sculptors contributing to this exhibit of public art include those working in a variety of media and styles, from realism to abstract (including two fathers and sons). They include Paul Calter, Miles Chapin, Giuliano Cecchinelli, Giuliano Cecchinelli Jr., Richard Erdman, Frank Gaylord, Phillip Godenschwager, Stanislaw Lutestanski, Ryan Mays, Chris Miller, Roy Patterson, Karen Petersen, Heather Ritchie, Stephen Robin, Jim Sardonis, Gary Sassi, Andreas von Huene, Gampo Wickenheiser, Jerry Williams and Sean Williams.

The show opens June 24 with an opening reception from 5–7 p.m. and the public is invited to attend and meet many of the artists. The exhibit will be open Friday and Saturday from 12 noon-6 p.m. through September 2.

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