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Support for Exit 4 Conservation

Opinion / May. 18, 2017 /

Do you love seeing the open view from Exit 4 on I-89 out over the fields and the valley and the hills and mountains beyond? Do you want to protect prime ag soils from potential pollution?  Read More

Act Now To Save Exit 4 Viewscape

Opinion / May. 18, 2017 /

As someone keenly interested in the future of our food supply, I’m grateful to the Preservation Trust of Vermont, the Conservation Law Foundation, and the Vermont Natural Resources Council for their efforts to preserve farmland around the state Read More

Vermont Must Focus on Higher Education

Opinion / May. 18, 2017 / By Bernie Sanders

The good news is that Vermont has one of the highest high school graduation rates in the country; fully 88% of our kids leave high school with a diploma. Read More

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Conspiracy Theories May Have Kernel of Truth

Opinion / May. 18, 2017 /
Haviland Smith

During the Cold War, the United States Intelligence Community was plagued with conspiracy theories covering just about any event that was deemed to be important to our national interest. Read More

Help Save Exit 4 Landscapes

Opinion / May. 18, 2017 /

I have been a resident of Brookfield for over 30 years. Read More