Randolph Selex Weigh Pub’s Sidewalk Use

Front Page / May. 18, 2017 9:21am EDT

Pedestrian Impact, Noise Issues Raised
By Dave Crosby

There were about 30 people at the Selectboard’s May 11 meeting; about half of them were there for a discussion of One Main Tap & Grill’s use of the public sidewalk at the corner of Main Street and Merchants Row, plus related noise complaints.

Complaints to the town have centered on how the restaurant’s outdoor seating area impedes pedestrian traffic. Town Manager Mel Adams commented that public sidewalk space is “off limits” when the restaurant’s chains are up, and that the town needs safe and convenient accommodations for the public. The restaurant’s equipment on the sidewalk includes tables, chairs, heaters, and planters.

Restaurant owner Shane Niles presented photos showing the distance between his equipment and the edges of the sidewalk. Board Chair Trini Brassard mentioned that since federal money supported building the sidewalks and bumpout, they must meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Accessibility Guidelines. These include minimum space available for pedestrians on sidewalks.

Niles claimed a 48” spacing requirement, while Brassard stated a 60” requirement. Brassard said that the town must use the most restrictive standard that an ADA inspector might use, to ensure compliance with the ADA guidelines.

Adams responded that the town’s benches, granite pillars, trees, lights, and curb cuts make the site very complex. Julie Iffland, of Randolph Area Community Development Corp., commented that there is a tilt in the sidewalk, which adds to the issues for people using walkers and managing the curb cuts.

Board member Larry Satcowitz commented that the board needs a scale drawing to get an accurate view of all the items on the sidewalk and in the bump-out; Adams and Iffland offered options for providing a drawing.

The board okayed the restaurant’s plantings on Merchants Row, subject to ADA requirements. The board will visit the site before its next meeting, to review placement of all the other equipment the restaurant has on the sidewalk.

On a separate question, Niles asked for a review of the restaurant’s water bill, and board member Ross Evans agreed to look at it.

Noise Issues

Maryann Peck, who lives above the One Main, raised issues of noise from the bar, and cited a particular band that she said was especially loud last December. Brassard mentioned that Peck had contacted her about the issue before.

Niles answered that sometimes Peck calls him when the noise comes from a band at the Railside Tavern, located on the east end of Merchants Row.

Peck responded, “This is my home; I want it to be peaceful. I only complain to you when I know the noise comes from your place.”

The discussion moved on to finding ways to minimize the transmission of noise from the bar to the Red Lion, including more padding in the Red Lion, and acoustic panels near the ceiling of One Main.

Future Meetings

The selectboard meets on the second Thursday of the month. The town’s website (http://randolphvt.org) includes an event calendar for all selectboard, committee and commission meetings.

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