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Act 46 Burden Isn’t Sustainable

Opinion / Apr. 20, 2017 /

My heart goes out to all the hardworking people in the White River Valley Supervisory Union who labored long hours to come up with a school consolidation plan to satisfy Act 46. Read More

Flexibility Needed In School Choices

Opinion / Apr. 20, 2017 /

The difficulty in getting communities to give up their local school boards, and in some cases schools, is inherent in the structure of Act 46 itself. Read More

Weatherization Sign-ups End Soon

Opinion / Apr. 20, 2017 /

As a member of the Randolph Energy Committee, I’ve been active in recent months promoting Weatherize Upper Valley, a partnership among several local volunteer teams, Vital Communities, Efficiency Vermont, and local contractors. Read More

Schools Are Heart Of Communities

Opinion / Apr. 20, 2017 /

A week ago citizens in communities around the area voted on the future of their schools and, by extension, the future of their communities.  Read More

DMV Is Breaking Its Own Rules

Opinion / Apr. 20, 2017 /

Recently, I was appalled to read in the news of the Vt. Dept. Read More

Chandler Film Series To End

Opinion / Apr. 20, 2017 /

Not only will the Chandler Film Society present the final film in its 2016-17 season this coming Sunday night; on Sunday the Chandler Film Society itself will end—at least for the foreseeable future. Read More

Unintended Consequences

Opinion / Apr. 20, 2017 /

Regarding the Royalton vote concerning the proposed school consolidation of Bethel, Rochester, and Royalton, I believed that the vote I cast concerned only those three towns.  But now it appears that Granville, Hancock, Chelsea and Tunbridge wer Read More

Government Must Be Open with the Country

Opinion / Apr. 20, 2017 / By Lee H. Hamilton

For the last few years, I’ve been keeping a file of clippings about the erosion of transparency and candor in government. I’m sorry to report that it’s getting rather full.  Read More