Royalton Police Chief Resigns, Selex Have ‘No Plan To Hire’

Front Page / Apr. 20, 2017 10:30am EDT

By Jo Levasseur

After less than one year at the helm, Royalton’s chief of police, Jim Beraldi, has resigned, effective April 13. Beraldi took over when Royalton’s first ever Chief, Bob Hull, retired last May.

Beraldi’s focus as Royalton’s chief had been to acquire equipment and staffing to accommodate the services the people want, and the technology needed for police work in this day and age. Royalton is one of the busiest towns handled by State Police coverage, VSP Lt. William Jenkins said in a meeting last October, and needs more coverage hours and more officers.

Increased funding of the PD budget has been questioned at Town Meetings in the past few years, however, and Royalton’s policing contract with the town of Sharon, due to expire in July, has not yet been renegotiated. Royalton is asking for $60 per hour for 16 hours per month.

In a press release, the selectboard stated there is no plan to hire a new police chief at this time.

Full time Officer John Breault (pronounced “Broe”), part-time officer Gary Rogler and an administrative assistant are handling the needs of the town, and still covering Sharon, with the VSP increasing patrols and after-hours coverage.

“Not much has changed,” stated Breault. “We’re making sure to provide [coverage] at the needed times, but will need to fill a position in the future to provide for the needs of the town.”

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