It’s All About the Pie

Opinion / Mar. 9, 2017 7:33am EST

When it comes down to it, the most important part of Town Meeting is really the pies.

Yes, the meeting itself is where all the visible work happens: the monotony of going, step-by-step, through the warning; the rigidity of Robert’s Rules of Order; the frustration of dealing with consequences of decisions made by the state and the nation; and, of course, the aggravation of having to listen to that guy down the street with the wacky ideas—you know the one.

On paper, Town Meeting Day is more of a punishment than a privilege. Luckily we don’t live our lives on paper.

Yes, there’s some work involved in greasing the wheels of society, but is it really such a chore to have to spend a couple hours once a year listening to other people and thinking about the minutiae that keeps our towns functioning? I don’t think so.

Besides that, the towns with the best meetings always have plenty of pie to enjoy once you’re done practicing democracy.

You may be thinking that it’s a lapse of judgment to focus on dessert when there are much more important matters to attend to.

Maybe, maybe not.

Pie fills a couple important purposes on Town Meeting Day. First of all, it cements the sense of tradition we have about the day. We get to think of our parents and their parents (and even their parents) sitting in the same place we are, eating a big slice of apple pie. It connects us to our past and that’s no small task these days.

Most importantly, though, it gives us a chance to sit down with that wacky guy from down the street and share a meal together. We may not agree on politics, or how we should fund the town highway department, but we can probably agree on pie. And even if we don’t, there will be enough for both of us.

T. Calabro

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