A Love of Furniture, a Love of Sharon


Front Page / Feb. 16, 2017 9:59am EST

By Bob Eddy

Reuben Sotak works at a joiner in his Sharon workshop. (Herald / Bob Eddy) Reuben Sotak works at a joiner in his Sharon workshop. (Herald / Bob Eddy) Fine furniture maker Reuben Sotak arrived in Sharon at the age of 12 and he has no intentions of leaving. The master woodworker honed his skills under the eye of famed craftsman Charles Shackleton Thomas in Bridgewater, and chair makers Dave Sawyer in northern Vermont and Julian Whitaker in North Carolina.

About five years ago, seeking a place to make his own mark, Sotak reached out to Calvin Keyler, whose love affair with Sharon began as a boy visiting Idlewood Lodge. Keyler owned several buildings in the village and it was rumored he might be ready to sell.

Sotak had his eye on a building at the junction of Routes 132 and 14, formerly The Columns Gift Shop.

“I typed Mr. Keyler a letter … I shared my love of the village and my intentions for this property,” explained Sotak from his workshop this week.

When Sotak purchased the building it came filled with antiques, which he has been able to sell to fund repairs to his business’ new home.

“Mr. Keyler died a couple years ago. He was pleased with the way this space would be used after he was gone. I’m glad for that.”

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