WHS Students: Let’s Talk About Youth Risk Survey

Communities / Feb. 16, 2017 9:58am EST

A team of middle school students at Whitcomb Jr./Sr. High School are convening a community meeting next week to discuss the results, from two area schools, of the 2015 Youth Risk Behavior Survey.

The students wish to discuss both “the strengths and concerns” indicated by the results, according to Amelia Lincoln, the student assistance professional for the White River Valley Supervisory Union. The meeting will be Thursday, Feb. 23, from 6-8 p.m.

The data being considered is from Rochester and Whitcomb High Schools, which were previously the high schools in the Windsor Northwest School District.

In the fall, students from Whitcomb analyzed the data at a day-long retreat at the Bethel Town Hall. They concluded by voting on their top strengths and concerns.

Students’ top three concerns were that:

• 14% of students (22% of females) reported having made a suicide plan in the 12 months previous to taking the 2015 survey;

• 9% of students reported not having gone to school in the past 30 days because they felt unsafe; and

• 76% of students felt there was no risk or harm of someone their age smoking marijuana regularly.

Root causes and possible solutions will be discussed at the event, and light refreshments will be provided. Parents and community members are encouraged to attend to be informed about student concerns.

Contact Lincoln at 234-9966 ext. 215 for more information.

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