Communities / Feb. 16, 2017 9:58am EST

Vivian Moore – 763-7081

The talk of the past few days about “big” storm finally got here. I woke at 5:30 a.m. to see a shadow going across in front of the tractor garage, and there was the farmer out to start plowing. Fortunately, he finished just before the wind started blowing a gale again. So, snow will rearrange itself and drift across the open spots for second time! He estimated 11-12” of new snow.

I’ve been listening to those with their cell phones and all sorts of gismos to predict the “exact” weather. It does really seem like the “Farmer’s Almanac” was the nearest right. When asked how to tell, someone said, “Watch the old farmer go out, wet his finger, see how the wind blew, check the clouds—and he’ll tell you as close as anything else.”

These farmers are smug with the realization that their “early” tapping is done. With this new snowfall, it is impossible to get up on the hill with any vehicle, and the crust within the snowpack even makes snowshoes pretty tricky.

The Sharon Church’s supper and the Cemetery Association meetings were successful events on Saturday evening. The supper lived up to its reputation and Chef Ed’s roast pork drew rave reviews again The crowd was smaller, but due to the weather and temperature, it was kind of expected.

I was glad to have a visit from Jan Scott, who is now happily living in an apartment in Randolph. She is still within driving distance of South Royalton and Sharon, so we are able to continue to share.

News is scarce and electricity a question mark in these very high winds we are experiencing, so we’ll say so long. I just watched a big limb come sailing down by the upstairs window—just like an overgrown arrow—it sailed big-end first and is standing in the snow. The tip is just a bit higher than the upstairs window!

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