Selex Taking Initiative To Find Volunteers for Town Positions


Communities / Feb. 16, 2017 9:58am EST

The Randolph Selectboard is making a drive to find more town citizens to fill out the wide variety of volunteer positions that make Town government run smoothly.

Appointments will be the first order of business after the March 7 Town Meeting, and the board hopes to get “letters of interest” before that time.

In an advertisement in The Herald last week, the town listed no less that 16 openings for interested citizens of the town.

Town Manager Mel Adams noted that some of the current holders of those positions may want to sign up again, but the actual position becomes “vacant” as of Town Meeting.

“There’s no lack of interest,” he said. “But the board just wants to get a jump at getting them filled.”

The 16 vacancies include positions on the Conservation Commission, the Economic Development Council, the Planning Commission, the Development Review Board, and the Design Review Advisory Commission.

In addition, the new “Randolph Center Design Review Panel” is still being established.

There’s no sudden loss of interest in municipal positions, Adams said, but Randolph, like many towns, is seeing a bit of a drop in interest in community-oriented activities, perhaps because of a growing average age.

Besides the positions in the town organizations listed above, the selectboard must appoint representatives to several regional organizations. These include Two Rivers Planning Commission the White River Valley Ambulance board of directors, the Emergency Management Committee, and the Stagecoach board of directors.

These positions are appointed for one-year terms.

The town also needs to appoint animal control officers and a solid waste/junkyard enforcement officer.

Anyone interested in these position should submit letters of interest no later than noon on March 1 to the Town Manager’s office. See the website at:

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