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Communities / Feb. 16, 2017 9:59am EST

Sara Tuthill – 802-233-7307

First, I must mention that last weeks’ column was printed with a typo regarding the wholesale price of maple syrup. I had noted that in a journal entry in 1938, the price per gallon was $1.15, and last year it barely topped $2.00. The newspaper printed that as $20; quite a notable difference, and one I’m sure the maple producers’ dream was a reality!

Mother Nature finally decided to bless us with a beautiful snowfall abundant enough to enjoy all the winter activities every outdoor enthusiast loves. With a few days off ahead of me, and the promise of blue skies, I may finally get my cross country skis dusted off.

In spite of the fresh foot of snow, I know spring is not far off, given the abundance of seed catalogs arriving in my mailbox, and the fact that the garlic and tomatoes I leave out on my counter are sprouting. Yes, I actually have a plum tomato that started growing bright green shoots right out the side, a phenomenon I have never before seen, so I popped it right in some dirt, as I also did the garlic bulbs, and we shall see how well they develop.

My mother’s oldest cat passed away this weekend, and I do believe that this was the oldest one I have been acquainted with at approximately 18 years old. For many years this cat was very timid, always hiding when company came, and only in the past few years had she become more social, albeit selectively. Now the big orange tiger that adopted Mom will truly rule the kingdom, having won her heart a long time ago.

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