How Low Can They Go? It’s a Season for Puppy Scams

Crime / Dec. 29, 2016 10:02am EST

Looking to add a new furry member to your family this year? The Better Business Bureau is warning prospective pet owners to be extra cautious of puppy scams this holiday season. Puppy Scams.

Every year, puppy scams cost consumers thousands of dollars for a pet that never arrived. Puppy scammers often build websites using stolen photos and content from reputable breeders. They promise to send a puppy to you after money has been wired, but will add on additional fees or disappear completely after you have paid a certain amount of money.

In many situations, scammers will also tell the victims that their pet is stuck at the airport or were put on the wrong flight, resulting in a request for even more money to deliver the pet safely.BBB offers the following tips to avoid the scam:

•Never wire money.

•Always visit the breeder. If they doesn’t want visitors, consider that a red flag.

•Check the contact information. If an address is not provided, ask for one.

•Ask for references.

•Search for reliable breeders or rescues. A list can be found on BBB’s Accredited Business Directory.

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