“I’m One”


People / Dec. 8, 2016 9:37am EST

ARIA SKYE WILLIAMS EDDY ARIA SKYE WILLIAMS EDDY Hi! My name is Aria Skye Williams Eddy and I turned one year old on October 30, 2016. I got to eat my first cake (maple-carrot) to celebrate.

My favorite things to do are sing and laugh with my big sister, cuddle with my mama and my papa, and find two fragile things in a room and clank them together. I live in Johnson, VT with my three-year-old sister, Hero, and my parents, Lucia and Isaac.

My grandparents are Bob and Kathy Eddy of Randolph, Portia Weiskel of Leverett, Mass., and Ray and Cathy Green of Jefferson, Ga.

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