Seniors and Bikers Play Poker


People / Aug. 4, 2016 9:01am EDT

On Saturday, July 30, the Chelsea Senior Center held its second annual fundraising poker run. This year’s poker stop course was 96 miles long a little more than double the length of last year’s course. This year, there were 38 participants and 45 hands played. Last year’s temps were cold, but this year was the perfect Vermont summer day, with sunshine and the temperature in the lower 70s. Last year, the winning hand was a full house. This year, Thomas Clark came in with a flush, winning $225—50% of all poker hands played. Dick Lyford won the 50/50 raffle receiving $43. Pictured is part of the motorcycle group that participated, picking up the second card for their hands at a check point in Bradford. (Herald / Mechelle Thomas)

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