Multiple Arrests Made For DUI and DLS

Communities / Jul. 5, 2013 3:16pm EDT

police this week reported the arrests of one driver for alleged drunken driving (DUI), and another four drivers for allegedly driving with suspended licenses (DLS).

Royalton police arrested one driver on both charges Sunday evening.

On Sunday June 30, Officer John Breault of the Royalton Police Department stopped a Ford Escape driven by Terri Stephens, 43, of Randolph, at 5:30 p.m. on Route 14 near Happy Hollow Road.

Stephens was initially stopped for speeding and littering viola­tions, police said. During the stop, police reported detecting signs of impairment, at which time Stephens submitted to standard field sobriety exercises and a preliminary breath test. She was subsequently arrested for sus­picion of DUI.

A records check showed that Stephens’ license was suspended for life, due to four previous DUI convictions. She was transported to the Hartford Police Department for processing, where an eviden­tiary breath sample indicated a .168% BAC, more than an hour after driving, police said.

Stephens was released with a citation to appear in Windsor Superior Court in July to answer to charges of DUI, fifth offense, and DLS, third offense.

Citizen Report

On June 28, at 8 p.m., police received a call of a possibly intoxicated driver traveling north on I-89 in Hartford.

Troopers later located the vehicle and driver, South Royalton resident Evan Knowlton, 24, on Windsor Street. Knowlton alleg­edly displayed signs of intoxi­cation during the conversation with police.

Knowlton was arrested without incident, processed for DUI, and later released on a citation. He was also ticketed for consuming alcohol while operating a motor vehicle. Knowlton is due to appear in Windsor Superior Court next week.

Alleged Switcheroo

A trooper heading south on I-89 at 8:23 a.m. on June 28, pulled over Ryan Lumsden, 22, of Barre, as the trooper was aware that Lumsden’s license was suspended in Vermont.

Police alleged that during the stop, Lumsden switched places with the passenger and told police he had not been operating the vehicle. Police subsequently took Lumsden into custody for DLS and false information to police.

At the Royalton barracks, police further determined that Lumsden was under conditions of release, including that he not operate a motor vehicle. Lumsden was pro­cessed on the charges and cited to appear in Windsor Superior Court on charges of DLS and false informtion to police. He was also ordered to ap- pear in Orange Superior Court on a charge of violation of conditions of release.

Two Charges

On July 1, at 4:25 p.m., Royalton police stopped Christopher Wild­er, 23, of Montpelier, on Route 14 in Sharon for a minor motor vehicle violation.

A records check revealed that Wilder has numerous cases open for driving with a suspended license, and that he is under conditions of release that he not operate a motor vehicle.

Wilder was taken into custody and processed at the Royalton barracks. He was cited to appear in Windsor Superior Court on charges of DLS and violation of conditions of release.

DLS Arrests

Anthony Cullum, 22, of East Randolph, was arrested for DLS, after he was stopped on June 30, at 4:14 p.m. on Main Street in Barre. He was cited to appear in Washington County Court in August.

Jessica Smith, 29, of Vershire, was stopped on June 27 on I-91 by state police because the registered owner of the vehicle was sus­pended. During the stop, police determined that Smith’s license was suspended for DUI.

She was arrested, processed at Hartford Police Department, and released on a citation to appear in Windsor Superior Court on a charge of DLS, second offense.

Todd Renner, 42, of Royalton, was arrested for DLS, after he was pulled over by state police on June 27, on Route 14 in Williamstown. A DMV records check confirmed that Renner was under suspension. He was cited to appear in Orange Superior Court in August.

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