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A Lasting Legacy

Opinion / Sep. 13, 2012 /

Not many people leave a mark on their communities as clear and imposing as the Main Street monument left by Randolph’s John Jackson, who died Saturday at the age of 83.  Read More

Support Brock And Romney

Opinion / Sep. 13, 2012 /

Vermont has a great opportunity to take advantage of the expertise of the Republican candidate for governor. The qualifications of our president pale in comparison to the achievements of Randy Brock.  Read More

Idea: Bike Lanes At No Cost

Opinion / Sep. 13, 2012 /

Here’s an idea for getting miles of new bike lanes at virtually no cost to the state—just by chang­ing the way we paint lines on the roads.  Read More

Emerg. Training Sessions Are Free

Opinion / Sep. 13, 2012 /

It’s a great honor and pleasure to share that the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is coming to Bethel this weekend. Read More

Sport Will Survive Armstrong Doping

Opinion / Sep. 13, 2012 /

I enjoyed reading Evan Chadwick’s article in the sports section, “Where Does Cycling Go From Here?” For me, it is sad that our government spent millions of taxpayer dollars to investigate allegations of Lance Armstrong’s drug Read More

Schools Need Community Help in Fighting Bullying

Opinion / Sep. 13, 2012 /

(This column was contributed to The Herald by the administrators of the Orange Southwest Supervisory Union, which incudes Randolph, Braintree, and Brookfield schools.)  Read More

New Changes For Social Security And Federal Benefit Recipients

Opinion / Sep. 13, 2012 /

Treasury is phasing out paper federal benefit checks. Everyone who receives Social Security, Supplement Security Income (SSI) or other federal benefit payments by check is required to switch to electronic payments by March 1, 2013.  Read More

Free Access

Gardening With Bea

Opinion / Sep. 13, 2012 / By Bea Cole
What To Do with Woody Perennials

Dear Bea: I’m wondering what to do with woody perennials in terms of cutting them back. Should they be cut back, and if so, when? Are there different rules depending on the plant? What about cutting back lavender? –Lucy  Read More