Dr. Lansky Opens New Office On School Street in Randolph

People / Oct. 27, 2011 2:36pm EDT

By Martha Slater

After his dental office in Quechee was damaged by the flooding from Hurricane Irene, Dr. John Lansky decided to move his practice to Randolph, purchasing the building on School Street where Dr. Richard Yoshikawa, now retired, had operated his dental practice. The new office opened its doors September 27, offering general dentistry for patients of all ages.

Dr. Lansky grew up in Ohio and graduated from the dental school at Case Western Reserve University, as did, coincidentally, Dr. Yoshikawa. He moved to Vermont in 1997 and now lives in Moretown.

Dr. Lansky's Quechee dental office was on the second floor of a building next to the covered bridge that was destroyed. Although water and mud didn't come into the second floor, and his patient records and equipment were undamaged, he wasn’t able to get to them for a month, and felt he couldn’t wait however long it would take to rebuild everything there. He also has a practice in Montpelier.

“I didn’t know what I was going to do after the flood,” he said. “I went to Quechee and looked at the office and then went back home to help my town.”

When he contacted the Vermont Dental Society, he learned that Dr. Yoshikawa had been searching for someone to take over his practice.

“I decided to move my practice to Randolph, rather than stay in Quechee,” he said. “Although Dr. Yoshikawa retired in May, and the building was vacant, all of the dental equipment was still there.”

Lansky bought the building and made a number of upgrades. He has taken over the files of Dr. Yoshikawa’s patients and hopes many of his former patients from the Quechee office will come to see him at the Randolph location. He also welcomes new patients.

“There’s still a lot of legwork to do, notifying patients,” office manager Dawn Beaucage said, “but we’re doing pretty well, I think.”

Beaucage grew up in Chelsea, graduated from the then-Randolph Area Vocational Center (Now RTCC) in 1993, and said she is enjoying being back in the Randolph area. The mother of four children, she and her husband live in Wilder and own a car-wrecking business, so in addition to helping Dr. Lansky get his new practice up and running, she’s been extremely busy with a post-Irene flood of businesses from folks whose cars were wrecked by the storm.

Quechee is 30 miles away from Randolph, and although Beaucage and the receptionist, Chris, came along to the new office, the hygienist did not, since the commute was too far for her. Dr. Lansky has hired a new hygienist who lives in Williamstown and a dental assistant who lives in Randolph.

Dr. Lansky’s Randolph office is open Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. For more information or to make an appointment, call 728-3008 during businesses hours or leave a message any time and the staff will return your call.

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