/ Apr. 14, 2011 11:01am EDT

by Isaac Littlejohn Eddy.
"littlejohn" by Isaac Littlejohn Eddy.

Isaac Littlejohn Eddy was born and raised in Randolph and Braintree but now lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife, writer and Chinese environmental policy expert, Lucia Green-Weiskel, and their two dogs. Isaac is the son of Robert Eddy, a Herald staff photographer, and is proud to have a weekly cartoon in this award winning newspaper.

Isaac also has a non-fiction multi-panel cartoon series about the people that live and work in his Brooklyn neighborhood which is published monthly in the New York Times Brooklyn blog, "The Local." And he has made a number of animation-documentary shorts for Time Magazine. He makes his cartoons the old fashioned way with India ink wash, micron pens, and a light box. For his "day" job Isaac performs nightly Off–Broadway as a Blue Man at the Astor Place Theatre. He can be reached at <http://littlejohncomics.com>littlejohncomics.com

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