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Column Sounded Too Conspiritorial

Letters / Feb. 4, 2010 /

Haviland, thank you for your service to this great country, the United States of America.  I have read your columns over the years with interest. Read More

Daffodils Bring Hope for Care

Letters / Feb. 4, 2010 /

As the first flower of spring, the daffodil represents hope. Through Daffodil Days, the American Cancer Society brings hope to people touched by cancer by offering daffodils to donors in appreciation of their contributions. Read More

Pull the Plug

Letters / Feb. 4, 2010 /

On Vt. Yankee  If you look at Vermont Yankee as similar to an older used car and Entergy as a somewhat shady used car salesman, you can get a good idea of how to proceed with making a decision on whether to relicense. Read More

Uplifting Stories Of Global Reach

Letters / Feb. 4, 2010 /

Again, I am reminded why we live here in Randolph.  The Herald, during these difficult times locally and globally, has produced an issue with uplifting and colorful stories. Read More

Expose Owners To Plant’s Dangers

Letters / Feb. 4, 2010 /

I know, this is a really silly idea, but it might work.  Why don’t we make it mandatory that all owners of nuclear power plants and all of their family members must live on the site, or within a quarter of a mile from the plant? Read More

Dad’s Inspiration: Serve Your Town

Letters / Feb. 4, 2010 /

To follow Larry Richburg’s letter of last week about this community, there is so much good here, I hope it outweighs the ignorant and defeating few that seem to sour the sauce.  Our family has worked hard to make it a better pla Read More

Orange Co. Judges

Letters / Feb. 4, 2010 /

Discuss Past Year  The following is an overview of what has taken place over the past fiscal year at the Orange County Courthouse. Read More

Warming Stats Not Convincing

Letters / Feb. 4, 2010 /

Memo flash: Just in from the Global Warming, excuse, “Climate Change” team(s); alert—name change again—“Climate Response to Anthropogenic Forcing.”  Al Gore sends his sincere regrets that the Sun is Read More

Strange Doings At Budget Time

Letters / Feb. 4, 2010 /

To Randolph voters: in the two selectboard meetings of 01/21 and 01/25 there were three department budgets that were the main items on the agenda: the library, RACDC and the listers. Read More

Israel Surrounded

Letters / Feb. 4, 2010 / By Enemies

Sadly, this letter is meant to respond to Neil Richardson's letter of January 28, 2010. It's sad because Mr. Richardson must be quite young, and not familiar with history of the last century in that part of the world. Read More

Teacher’s Poster Was Appropriate

Letters / Feb. 4, 2010 /

Re: Christopher D. Costanzo’s letter of Jan. 28, wherein he registers his concerns with the display of a certain poster he observed at Whitcomb High School.   As Mr. Read More

Vermont Yankee

Letters / Feb. 4, 2010 /

Is a Dinosaur  Seriously, is there really a debate? Vermont has a malfunctioning nuclear plant that is putting public health, our environment and our economy at risk. Read More