1st the Herald, Now the Times

People / May. 21, 2009 12:00am EDT

The Herald’s editorial page cartoonist, Isaac Eddy, has begun contributing to another newspaper—the New York Times.

Eddy has a new non-fiction cartoon series in a New York Times Brooklyn blog called Fort Greene Illustrated.

“I interview people who live and work in my (Brooklyn) neighborhood and illustrate their stories with a nine-panel cartoon,” he explained. This sort of “cartoon journalism" has been around for a long time, he noted.

“With Fort Greene Illustrated I take a slow look with a magnifying lens at all the people (and their stories) that live and work a few steps from my apartment,” he said. “It’s made me see beauty in small urban details that I hadn't noticed before.”

“By talking to my neighbors—the convenience store proprietor, the school crossing guard—I'm more aware of the vast and diverse community I'm a part of and the sea of people that makes up New York suddenly becomes less daunting. These stories are small but when they are told, the city can become small too.”

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