Rotter Resigns Position

/ Jul. 24, 2008 12:00am EDT

Rotter Resigns Position

As Public Works Supt.

By Chelsea Rose Sargent

With regrets and thanks the selectboard last week Tuesday accepted the resignation of John Rotter as Director of Public Works after barely a year on the job.

Acting Town Manager Bert Moffatt joked about having worked Rotter too hard in the week’s that Moffatt has been on the job, but Rotter, 45, denied that that had been the case.

He has just received an opportunity to teach at Norwhich University which will take up more of his time.

"I very much enjoyed the opportunity I was given to serve the people of Randolph," he told The Herald. "It was a difficult decision to make, but I believe it is the best for everyone.

"It sounds trite, but I will truly miss working with the staff; they are all great people."

He also announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for state representative this week (see other story).

Rotter accepted the Randolph position just last June after having held a similar position in a county of 600,000 people in Arizona. He was a student at Vermont Law School at the time, and he graduated this spring.

Rotter asserted that he had enjoyed every moment working for the town of Randolph and that he would like to stay on part time. Moffatt believes that this is a possibility especially since he has enjoyed working with Rotter and feels that he does a great job.

Selectman Joe Voci, who was superintendent of public works previous to Rotter, requested that Moffatt come back to the board with more information about how Rotter can continue working with the town on the reconstruction of West Street following last year’s flood.

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