Two Braintree Homes Damaged in Fires

Front Page / Dec. 20, 2007 12:00am EST

By Sandy Vondrasek
Two Braintree Homes Damaged in Fires

Two Braintree Homes Damaged in Fires

By Sandy Vondrasek

Firefighters from Randolph’s three departments responded to two residential fires in Braintree this week, one Saturday in East Braintree, and the second in West Braintree Wednesday morning.

According to Randolph Village Fire Chief Jay Collette, firefighters were able to save both the Farnsworth Brook Road home of Sherry Bedell and a vacant North Street home owned by Cliff Grout.

Both structures, however, sustained substantial smoke and water damage.

The Bedell fire started as a chimney fire, the fire chief said.

The cause of the Grout fire, however, has not been determined, and Collette has asked a state fire investigator to examine the scene. North Road is off Route 12A, opposite the Braintree Town Hall.

Bedell Fire

Thanks to the early warning given by smoke alarms, the three people who had been sleeping in the Bedell home were able to exit the mobile home safely at 6 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 15.

The blaze, which had started as a woodstove chimney fire, had spread to the pitched roofline of the mobile home, and to the ceiling inside, by the time the firetrucks arrived on scene.

Firefighters from the Randolph Village, East Randolph, and Randolph Center departments were on scene for about 90 minutes.

Collette said one of the three people in the Bedell home was taken to Gifford Medical Center for treatment, but he did not have details on the condition or injury.

Randolph police also responded to Farnsworth Brook Road, at the request of state police, due to a report of someone trying to reënter the building.

The Herald was not able to contact Sherry Bedell or members of her family.

Grout Fire

Chief Collette said the call on the West Braintree fire came in at 5:11 a.m., yesterday, Dec. 19.

Firefighters arrived to find flames coming out of one side of the home.

"Basically, we were able to confine and contain the fire to the area of origin, on the northeast corner, in one of the rooms," Collette said.

The house, which is for sale, is mostly unfurnished, so there was not much inside to burn. However, the fire had worked its way into construction layers of the walls, floors, and ceiling, and it took some time to halt that vertical and lateral spread, Collette indicated.

There was smoke damage throughout the structure, and "major damage" in the northeast room, he said.

Firefighters cleared the scene at 7:30 a.m., after two-and-a-half hours fighting the fire.

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