New Public Works Supervisor Has Experience in Arizona

People / Jun. 28, 2007 12:00am EDT

By M. D. Drysdale

New Public Works Supervisor Has Experience in Arizona By M. D. Drysdale

Randolph has a new public works supervisor to replace Joe Voci, who resigned last month to take a position with Gifford Medical Center.

He is John Rotter, whose most recent job was as deputy public works director of an Arizona county with 600,000 people—roughly the population of all of Vermont.

Rotter, 44, will also be finishing his third and final year at Vermont Law School, where he is pursuing a law degree.

Rotter, who lives on Forest Street, was one of two "very good candidates" who were interviewed, according to Town Manager Peter Butterfield.

His strengths included qualification as a certified engineer both in Vermont and Arizona, Butterfield said.

"Because we have large projects ahead with regard to the sewage plant, and the landfill, the ability to plan bigger projects and John’s environmental and regulatory expertise would be a great boon," he said.

"This position is extremely important," he added. If you make a mistake on VOSHA or environmental regulations, it could cost the community thousands and thousands of dollars."

He also said reports from Arizona were that "people highly enjoy working with and for him."

In Arizona, there were lots of those. Rotter said his county employed 15 in office staff only and it had 1200 miles of roads, roughly ten times what Randolph has.

The fast-growing county doubled between the 1990 and 2000 census and has had to deal with issues of growth, he noted.

In Randolph, he will head up all public works departments. The Highway Department has its own superintendent in Robert Runnels and the water and sewer department is supervised by Aaron Perez. Both of them will report to Rotter. The job pays a bit over $50,000, Butterfield said, comparable to what Voci was receiving.

He said the hiring committee was looking for a candidate who understands the cost effectiveness of equipment, and what kind to buy, how to manage infrastructure, and how to work with contractors.

Rotter said he moved to Randolph exactly two years ago—June 29, 2005, to enter law school. He and his wife Sandy, the assistant director for graduate studies at Norwich, have three children, aged 16, 10, and 8.

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