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3-School Concert Hit Wrong Note

Opinion / Mar. 23, 2017 /

I am a Rochester tax-payer, mother of three children in the Rochester Middle and High School, and a teacher in the Rochester Elementary School. Read More

SoRo Loses In Projected Plan

Opinion / Mar. 23, 2017 /

With a vote on school consolidation less than a month away, I have been pleased to see so many letters regarding the issue in recent weeks. Read More

Board Won’t Honor Labor Contract

Opinion / Mar. 23, 2017 /

We would like to get some facts out to the public about an ongoing grievance between OSSU support staff and the school board and superintendent Brent Kay.  Read More

Merger Plan Offers Quality

Opinion / Mar. 23, 2017 /

I am writing in support of the school consolidation of the Bethel, Rochester and Royalton schools.  My children all graduated from the South Royalton school system quite recently. Read More

Rochester Loses In Merger Plan

Opinion / Mar. 23, 2017 /

I wrote a letter to the editor when the WRVSU Study Committee began and spoke about how Rochester School has so many traditions and that it has been a wonderful school for many Rochester graduates. Read More

An Opportunity For Our Children

Opinion / Mar. 23, 2017 /

I am writing to urge the residents of Royalton, Bethel, and Rochester to vote YES for school consolidation on April 11. This the best opportunity our communities will have to improve the education systems of our children for many years to come.  Read More

President Should Focus on Military

Opinion / Mar. 23, 2017 /

As a Navy veteran and a strong supporter of our military, I commend President Trump for initiating a program to rebuild our military with a defense budget increase of $54 billion, but it should be decreased by $1.3 billion and the $1.3 billion added Read More

Reorganization Bad for Rochester

Opinion / Mar. 23, 2017 /

By joining the Unified School District, we the Rochester tax payers are agreeing to add $598,333.33 to the $455,000 we currently owe.  The three towns will merge all their school related debts in 2018. Read More

Civics and Media Literacy: There’s Much To Learn

Opinion / Mar. 23, 2017 / By Bill Schubart

If current political events have taught us anything, it’s how vulnerable we all are to misinformation and innuendo. Read More

Free Access

A Free Press for Students, Too

Opinion / Mar. 23, 2017 / By Robbie Maher

In the midst of the Trump administration, the rights of a free press are questioned daily in tweets and from the podium in the White House briefing room.  Read More

Free Access

Another Mystery Solved

Opinion / Mar. 23, 2017 /
Kathy Rohloff

There are only two people who live full time in our house, but someone is always causing trouble. This someone loses things, misplaces items, and actually goes out of its way to hide them.  Read More