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Night Lights

Opinion / Sep. 21, 2017 /

As sun sets Saturday, the bright lights of the games and rides take over. (Herald / Tim Calabro) Read More

Time To Abolish Trapping Animals

Opinion / Sep. 21, 2017 /

Many people don’t realize that trapping still goes on in Vermont. Read More

Family Researcher Asks Assistance

Opinion / Sep. 21, 2017 /

I am working on a very exciting project to determine all the Curran, Fewer, Ricketts, and Ryan families now living in Vermont, and to trace back their family trees to determine how many of them originally landed in Newfoundland.  Read More

‘Wasteful Killing’ Should Be Stopped

Opinion / Sep. 21, 2017 /

UVM’s Center for Rural Studies included the following question in their 2017 Vermonter Poll: “Vermont wildlife policies allow certain species, including coyotes, crows, porcupines, skunks and weasels to be killed without limit even when t Read More

So, Second Homeowners Can Vote in Vermont?

Opinion / Sep. 21, 2017 / By Rob Roper

There is a voter fraud case in Vermont, currently in the Essex Superior Court, in which a family of second homeowners from Connecticut (parents and two adult children) registered to vote in the town of Victory, and did so. Read More

Understanding and Reducing Poverty

Opinion / Sep. 21, 2017 / By William Schubart

In Vermont’s early years, poverty was managed by an elected “Overseer of the Poor” until we passed the Social Welfare Act of 1967, which formally relieved communities of responsibility for care of their poor and ended the office of Read More