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RSUD Board Works on Proposal For Former HS Property

The Rochester Stockbridge Unified School District (“RSUD”) Board has spent the past several months working on gathering information to present to the Rochester Selectboard about the possibility of the town taking over ownership the former high school property.

The RSUD proposes to convey the Rochester High School building and associated land to the Town of Rochester in accordance with Article 6(c) of the Articles of Agreement that formed RSUD. The primary task to enable the transfer of the building is to subdivide the current elementary and high school property so that RSUD can convey the high school building and a portion of its surrounding land to the town.

The people working on the specific steps of this process include a number of individuals. On behalf of RSUD, WRVSU Supt. Jamie Kinnarney has assisted with coordinating some of these steps. The RSUD attorney David Rugh is also assisting with this process to make sure that all of the legalities of this process are followed. The subdivision process itself has a number of steps, some of which need to be completed by professionals outside of RSUD, as well as outside of the WRVSU. The engineering services of Mark Bannon Engineering and DuBois & King, Inc. have been retained to take the lead on developing the subdivision plan and assist with the permitting aspect of this process.

RSUD representatives will meet with the town’s designated representatives to discuss the proposed property line that will be located between the two buildings, as well as the need for any potential easement(s). There may be some back and forth between RSUD representatives and the town in order to finalize the subdivision plan.

Bannon Engineering prepared an initial subdivision concept plan for wastewater permitting.

The next step is preparation of a state water-wastewater permit (including final draft wastewater plan and boundary line adjustment application for approval by VT ANR), estimated to happen by mid-January 2021. Preparation of a town subdivision application (including preparation of a survey plan by D&K) is estimated to be completed by later that month.

Engineering consultants will prepare a property description for review by the town’s attorney and draft deeds for completion in late March. A proposed closing and deed signing could take place in April or May.

RSUD recognizes that community members have a number of questions and encourages anyone with questions in regards to this matter to email the RSUD Board at

Updated information will be posted on each of the school websites and the WRVSU website, too.